Hire-Try-Buy Featured


Our new HIRE-TRY-BUY program helps you manage your finances if you want to buy a forklift but cannot afford to do so right now.   Hire a "Fully Maintained Forklift" at a very competitive rate with the option to buy at any time for a percentage of the hire fees off the buy price!     It is a no-risk win-win situation.  Go on…  contact us today and we will go through this program in more detail.

√ Keep your hire and purchase options open.
√ Keep your forklift off the balance sheet.
√ Ideal if you need a forklift now but lack the cash to buy one.
√ Great choice if you're not entirely sure what forklift you will need.
√ Extremely competitive forklift hire rates.
√ No maintenance costs - we cover all that.
√ No large upfront costs or capital outlay.
√ No costly depreciation to worry about.
√ You hold the option to buy the machine at any time - or not.
√ If you decide to buy, you get a percentage of your hire off the sale price.
√ Forklift upgrades are also available if your circumstances change.